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Is a must for your taste in Penang

Penang is well known as FOOD PARADISE mainly due to its diversity in ethnicity, culture and religion. Penang has a good mix of traditional tastes from Malay, Chinese, India, and Peranakan. Hence, no matter you as a local or traveller,

Craving for Nyonya foods?

Besides Melaka, the Peranakan culture has influenced the lifestyle of Penangites widely since the era of our ancestors. It has become a part of Penang’s heritage that tourists often comes to experience. That includes the Nyonya cuisine that is still

Your Best Companions To Explore Penang

Are you planning to travel to other town or cities during the weekend? We have a few tips for you to explore the best spots across the places you’re planning to spend your time. Here we go! Trip Advisor Available as

Have You Registered As Voter ?

Are you at the eligible age of 21 and above to vote for the future? If yes and you haven’t register as voter, here is a guide for you. How to register as voter? Here are few ways will help

Cool Hotels to Stay in Penang

Penang offers a unique set of accommodation for travellers; be it at the unique heritage area of George Town, the famous beaches of the north or the greener side of the south. Muntri Mews Residence Heritage pre-war shophouses which was

5 (Free) Companions For Idea Brainstorming

We often search for ideas to compose assignment or company pitch, in order to present our works creatively, we need inspiration to do so. Here are some tools to help you to gather and organise idea. Pinterest Pinterest is a social

Keep Your Time Allotted for the George Town Festival! 29 July – 28 August 2016

Keep your time allotted for the George Town Festival! 29 July – 28 August 2016 Among the highlighted events of the George Town Festival… Missing Theatre Date: 05 Aug 2016 – 06 Aug 2016 Time: 8:30PM – 9:45PM Location: Dewan

Instagram Rolls Out Stories Feature

Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo. Instagram has launched its “Snapchat” stories feature to all users today, which allows you to post a photo or video that will remain published for 24 hours only, it is incredibly similar to

Can’t think of where to hangout? Try any of these nice cafes in Penang

The Alley Located in one of the alleys in the heart of the George Town, the Alley cafe is indeed a cosy place to hangout. There are also plenty of great magazines available for their customers to read. 5, Lorong