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10 ways to celebrate the National Day / Malaysia Day

1. Fly the national flag. At home, on your car, when walking… 2. Watch a movie about Malaysia 3. Read about great Malaysians and share it 4. Join the parade! 5. Gather with friends and talk about the country 6.

Craving for Nyonya foods?

Besides Melaka, the Peranakan culture has influenced the lifestyle of Penangites widely since the era of our ancestors. It has become a part of Penang’s heritage that tourists often comes to experience. That includes the Nyonya cuisine that is still

Cool Hotels to Stay in Penang

Penang offers a unique set of accommodation for travellers; be it at the unique heritage area of George Town, the famous beaches of the north or the greener side of the south. Muntri Mews Residence Heritage pre-war shophouses which was

Keep Your Time Allotted for the George Town Festival! 29 July – 28 August 2016

Keep your time allotted for the George Town Festival! 29 July – 28 August 2016 Among the highlighted events of the George Town Festival… Missing Theatre Date: 05 Aug 2016 – 06 Aug 2016 Time: 8:30PM – 9:45PM Location: Dewan