A restaurant in Amsterdam is building small greenhouses for diners to eat while practice social distancing

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While the coronavirus slows down in some countries, they are preparing to reactivate their economies back again by easing the lockdowns.

But with the virus is still around us, we still have to take the necessary safety precautions to avoid being infected.

Restaurants, which is a spot where people interacts a lot, is cracking for ideas on how they can operate but still practicing social distancing.

A restaurant in Oosterdok, Amsterdam, Mediamatic Eden, tested out a new design on May 5 and hoping to reopen to the public on May 21.

Greenhouses have been built in front of the restaurant to allow diners to eat safely while still maintaining social distancing with other customers.

Photo by Mediamatic
Photo by Mediamatic

The waiters of the restaurant has also been testing out different ways of serving their customers with extra caution especially in making sure the five greenhouses is clean and hygienic.

Face shields and wooden boards are used by the employees while working to keep a safe social distance with each other in the restaurants.

Photo by Mediamatic

With the small greenhouses built just beside the waterfront, it might turn out to be intimate candlelit dinner with your partner.

Photo by Mediamatic


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