Covid-19 shows no sign of slowing down in Brazil

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Brazil is in a crisis as there are more than 92,000 reported Covid-19 infected cases with at least 6,400 deaths; according to John Hopkins data.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has ignored the potential threat of the virus and even encouraged protesters calling for state-issued lockdowns to be lifted.

They are facing an extreme surge in Covid-19 cases, which the graph is not showing any signs of flattening the curve yet.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to climb in Brazil

Since the virus started spreading across the world, nations and cities have issued lockdowns, curfews or to a certain extent limit the movements of their citizens.

In Brazil, it has a total different situation, as the President takes a relaxed approach towards Covid-19 by joining the protestors to go against stay-at-home orders issued by their state’s governors.

As the infected number rises at an alarming rate, Bolsonaro has since then been isolated by an unprecedented alliance of key ministers in his federal government, congressional leaders, and 24 out of 27 governors.

The governors – from left, center and right – that comes from 13 different political parties – have decided to follow the correct path and maintain the WHO protocols.

The death toll in Brazil has become so serious that the capital of Amazonas, Manaus has started digging mass graves for Covid-19 victims, and funeral homes fear they’ll run out of wooden coffin in days. A Twitter post by Dom Phillips, a British reporter based in Rio de Janeiro showed that bodies are lined up outside a hospital due to the full morgue.


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