5 (Free) Companions For Idea Brainstorming

Tech Aug 07, 2016 No Comments

We often search for ideas to compose assignment or company pitch, in order to present our works creatively, we need inspiration to do so. Here are some tools to help you to gather and organise idea.



Pinterest is a social networking site that allows you to publish or discover incredible content (known as pins), on the world’s largest catalog of ideas, from recipes to life hacks, you will spend your day to explore all the awesome works.



Evernote helps you to gather and organise your life, including text, images, web pages, and more. It’s incredibly convenient to use various helpful add-ons or plugins available on multi-platforms to access or quickly save an item online. Everything is saved and backed up online, you won’t have to be worried of losing any data.

Google Keep


If you’re a heavy user of Google products, you should not miss out Google Keep, to keep your ideas and images for later. It’s an alternative choice of Evernote (if you don’t like the freemium model of Evernote), to manage everything with tags and access them via any device.



Pocket is a read-later service that allows you to save online article to read later. It’s my favourite service to read when I’m travelling on a plane, I can access my read list offline with beautiful simplified layout.

Paper by FiftyThree


“When you need to get something down fast, Paper is ready.” Paper app is a simple way for you to take notes with touch and create sharp diagrams, charts, drawings with intuitive user interface. It’s so far the best and simplest sketching app I’ve ever use.

If you have any additional tips to manage your idea, kindly let us know below!



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